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Buying, selling or remortgaging your home or portfolio can be a challenging and daunting process, and with ever-changing processes and requirements, it’s important that a legal professional completes the relevant legal work. Failure to conduct the appropriate steps in time could become a costly mistake or potentially lead to the transaction or chain failing through.

Buying – from handling paperwork to dealing with Estate Agents, everything can be taken care of to ensure the quickest possible completion. These include:

  • Examination of the property title, information and contract

  • Making required amendments to the property contract

  • Examination of local authority and other search results

  • Raising queries

  • Examination of your survey and mortgage paperwork

  • Providing a full report to check, exchange contracts, pay deposit and agree on a completion date

  • Examination of the property title, information and property contract

  • Making appropriate amendments to the property contract

  • Providing a full financial statement

  • Preparation of the final transfer of title document

  • Receiving mortgage money and paying over the purchase money

  • Completion of Stamp Duty Tax Return and payment of the tax

  • Registration of your title and paying the Land Registry fee

Selling – from the point in time that a sale has been agreed, to the final completion and settlement of the sale, the process will be made as stress-free as possible. This will include:

  • Obtaining all property information, including a list of fixtures and fittings

  • Preparation and sending of the contract, title and information

  • Answering any queries on your behalf

  • Exchange of contracts, receiving deposit and agreeing on a completion date

  • Obtaining your signature for the final transfer of the title document

  • Provision of a full financial completion statement

  • Completing the sale and transferring the sale proceeds direct to your account

  • Paying off your mortgage and any associated fees

Remortgaging – handling all relevant paperwork and processing in the quickest possible period. This includes:

  • Obtaining the title deeds to the property

  • Applying online for up to date official Land Registry copy entries

  • Checking the title to the property to ensure it is in order

  • Carrying out a local authority search

  • Checking the new mortgage offer

  • Dealing with the requirements of the mortgage lender

  • Obtaining your signature to the new mortgage deed

  • Agreeing on a date for completion

  • Obtaining a settlement figure for the existing mortgage

  • Carrying out any final searches and reporting to the new lender

  • Request release of the mortgage advance monies

  • Paying off the existing mortgage to complete and register the new mortgage at the Land Registry

  • Paying any monies due to you into your account

For additional peace of mind, transparent pricing is applied with fixed fee quotes for the services provided. All costs will be explained from the outset, so you are able to factor these in to your financial calculations without the fear of receiving unexpected bills later in your property transaction, hence it won’t cost more than it needs to.

In addition, other services that you can be provided assistance with include:

  • Transferring Equity

  • Property Licensing

  • Residential Property

  • Legal advice for Landlords

  • Land Disputes

  • Joint Property Ownership

  • Freehold purchases

It is often underestimated how much time is incurred communicating back and forth when buying and selling and property, from raising and answering queries to negotiating on specific or pivotal contract terms. Ultimately, a good and highly trained conveyancing solicitor should act as your legal representative at all stages of the transaction, helping you to make progress as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

At Weaver Rose EA, we focus on the objective not the subjective. Our Services go beyond just providing safe, serene and beautiful exclusive house. At Weaver Rose EA, we focus on the objective not the subjective. Our Services go beyond just providing safe, serene and beautiful exclusive house.

Regardless of where you are based and whether you are looking to buy or sell property or remortgaging your home or portfolio, if you would like to know how you may benefit from the above services, get in touch with us today and we would be delighted to put you in contact with a property conveyancing specialist to discuss your situation in greater detail.