We provide a bespoke and discreet service for professional landlords who are looking at expanding their Residential Property Portfolios and Residential Developments as well as Management Takeover Services. We work with Private Rented Sector (PRS) Developers, Build-to-rent (B2R) Developers, Trustees, institutional investors and private landlords to give you the confidence in our abilities to manage your assets so you can concentrate on accelerating your portfolio growth plans.


We understand that looking after a few properties can be a challenge on your personal time whilst balancing other priorities and commitments. However, if your portfolio expands and your current systems or processes do not efficiently cater for all the demands that are associated with effective Portfolio Management, then these challenges will only increase. Furthermore, if your current managing agent is not providing you with any initiatives on how to improve the financial performance of your portfolio, then you will not be strategically increasing the return on your investment.

At Weaver Rose, we have the systems, processes and networks in place to be able facilitate and effectively manage Multi-Unit conversions to Residential Blocks and conduct regular assessments on a portfolio’s profitability to establish areas of opportunity, for example improvements and refurbishments can assist in Capital Appreciation of the asset which could also achieve a greater rental yield, whilst conversely assessing the sustained viability of any sites which continually require a high level of maintenance.

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Market Statistics indicate that UK property consistently outperforms traditional investment vehicles to generate good yields for Investors, whilst being able to withstand various micro and macro-economic factors. UK property is increasingly becoming an integral part of an Investors Portfolio diversification plans, as traditional vehicles such as Pensions, Stocks and Shares remain unreliable due to sustained market turbulence. Stable rental income and long-term capital growth therefore, make property investments an intelligent contribution towards an Investors pension plan or any long-term saving strategy.   

At Weaver Rose, we take full advantage of the numerous opportunities available in the UK property market for long-term profitable investment. We recognise that the rental income on an investment property is often determined well in advance of a tenants’ first viewing and marketing of the property. Local market knowledge and expertise provides an Investor with the required edge to make prompt and informed decisions on investments to maximise on the profitability on any given opportunity.

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In recent years, we have found there to have been a significant increase in demand from professional landlords seeking opportunities to expand their portfolio – without the need to be involved – we call it “Hands-Off Management.”

We can source investment property through a mixture of “On-Market” and “Off-Market” opportunities in prime locations ideal ripe for rental properties. We can handle the entire transactional process including negotiations on price, insurances and conveyancing, conduct any works required to the property in order to maximize the rental return on the investment and then source and fully reference tenants, before then handing over to our Property Management team to care for, whilst developing a good working relationship with the tenants, which contributes towards happier tenants and longer tenancies. All of this and more can be handled with minimal involvement or interaction from yourself. Allowing you more time to enjoy the finer things in life.

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We understand that as the needs of the housing market continues to evolve, so to do the requirements and expectations of the tenants. Accommodation must be attractive, practical and adequately equipped for all the comforts and conveniences that are expected by the tenants of today. At Weaver Rose, we appreciate that many landlords have no appetite to shoulder the responsibility of a refurbishment and furnishing of their investment. This is why we provide a Project Management Service to clients to ensure they can continue to grow their wealth without having to worry about the detail. We are able to advise on all levels of works including loft conversions, new bathrooms, new kitchens, re-wiring, re-plumbing and garden landscaping, through to Redecoration, carpets, flooring and soft furnishings.

We use a large range of trusted and qualified local contractors and will always seek to obtain quotations to ensure value for money is being received by our client, without compromising on safety regulations giving our clients ultimate peace of mind once the property is occupied by tenants. We will oversee the completion of works to a satisfactory standard with the primary objective centred on generating the maximum return on a clients investment.

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As economic history shows, house prices rise over time – typically doubling every 10 years – and as demand continues to remain strong in the private rental market because of a lack of disposable income to contribute towards a prohibitively high deposit for first-time buyers, renting remains their preferred option; hence growing your portfolio could be quite a perceptive move.

At Weaver Rose, we help free our clients from the day-to-day involvement of property ownership so they can be inspired with confidence that their portfolio is not going to incur unnecessary and costly void periods, large maintenance bills and endless tenant demands. This consequently provides an Investor with the impetus to acquire further investments to add to their portfolio or be encouraged to take further advantage of any number of our Investor Services.

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