Looking For A New Career?

At Weaver Rose Estate Agents, we understand that our most valuable resource is our people. We have a culture which is founded on openness, honesty and integrity and this culture will continue to flourish with individuals that have a strong personality, are focused, driven and embrace challenges.


Joining the team is all about how we can grow together. We provide a warm, welcoming and collaborative environment where everyone has a genuine interest in supporting your development and success. We are a flexible, energetic and dynamic business, which encourages new business ideas for implementation, can adapt immediately to both challenges and opportunities and are constantly looking at ways of improving all aspects of our business.

We take notice of your opinions and ideas and value your feedback. We provide structured training and support to help you achieve your targets and will reward you when you exceed them. There will forever be competition in the workplace and amongst colleagues; its what makes us tick and generates that natural buzz!

Rewards and recognition, dynamic career opportunities and uncapped commission potential are just a few of the many reasons that have inspired our people to start a career at Weaver Rose Estate Agents.


Our culture is founding on openness, honest and integrity. We promote a supportive and collaborative ethos which we believe is the ideal environment for people to flourish and achieve their full potential – and when then do, its not only themselves that reap the benefits, its also our clients that see the benefits.

We place a high value on creativity, individuality, character and diversity. Some of the key characteristics that we have found over the years, have nurtured some of the best relationships with our clients. As a direct result of this ethos, our people think creatively, act responsibly, challenge the status quo, take the initiative and have a high level of independence.

Efficiency and effectiveness are of equal importance to us, and this is why our paperless systems are designed to make your job easier – empowering you to do more deals in less time. You can manage your leads, viewings, deals, diary and accounts from our online platforms, which puts an end to the nightmare of paperwork overload.


A future with Weaver Rose offers everything an ambitious and talented individual is looking for. We recruit people that are self-starters, engaging, confident, friendly and like to talk. They are the kind of people that are attentive and will always be anticipating and preparing steps ahead for their client, as they understand the importance of their relationship with their client. They are extremely passionate, driven, and hard-working individuals who are prepared to go the extra mile for the business as they understand it is the right thing to do.

We want people throughout our team and network of experienced and knowledgeable individuals to think creatively and collaborate successfully with our clients. Whether you’re a graduate or an experienced professional we can provide a range of opportunities to individuals who wish torepresent our brand outside of a working environment because they have similar standards, values and beliefs as we do.


We are aware that this can be a demanding industry.  We also understand that people are the foundation that our success is built. This is why we devote time regularly to training and developing our people to the highest professional standards. This provides you with knowledge and confidence, which your clients will seek and will also instil a strong sense of pride in the work you conduct. You will have many opportunities to expand your skills and knowledge, which will enable you to drive your career forward to reach your full potential.

We are constantly looking for fresh faces to join our diverse team and are looking for people with ambition, heart, resilience and perseverance, which will keep you headstrong on the pathway to success. We will encourage you to run the business as if it were your own, and will expect you to be involved in shaping how your business evolves and is defined. You are aware that you are in control of your own destiny.

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If you are interested in joining an Estate Agent with a refreshing approach to business, get in touch with us today. 

You can check out our current job vacancies here or please write to us in confidence, uploading your CV and covering letter to careers@weaverrose.co.uk