Insurance Services

Insurances to many is often seen a quiet after-thought when dealing with property as many other components, regulations and compliance tend to take priority. This approach can be risky, especially when many of us are likely to have known of somebody who has had a serious critical illness, experienced an unexpected turn of events or even died – all of which can potentially have catastrophic personal and financial consequences on them and those close to them. Unfortunately, whilst our current situations may be strong and positive,  no one knows what could happen next, yet this is the most appropriate time when plans should be made. In the event of something going wrong in the future, many people would seek comfort in knowing that loved ones were protected and that your finances will not become a problem burdened on them.

We are able to put you in touch with professional and expert individuals that will make you aware of the various types of insurances and protection cover available on the market and the related benefits that these can bring to you, which include:

  • Building and contents insurance

  • Accidents, sickness and unemployment

  • Critical illness cover

  • Income protection

  • Life insurance

There are so many search facilities available online which certainly provide a good starting point when you want to become informed in the world of insurance services, however expert advice will ensure you are obtaining the appropriate level of cover and scope to suit your circumstances and at the right price. They are equipped with the knowledge and the expertise to understand what types of protection cover you need, taking into account your individual personal requirements, outgoings and lifestyle expectations and are able to explain it understandable terms.

Whether you are a landlord starting out, have a growing portfolio or already have a substantially sized portfolio, it is reassuring to know that your mortgage payments can be covered under a range of unfortunate or unexpected circumstances, ultimately ensuring your family will be taken care of, should the unexpected happen. Most standards mortgages do not have any protection insurance included, so it is therefore important to decide what kind of separate cover you might need to consider.

At Weaver Rose EA, we focus on the objective not the subjective. Our Services go beyond just providing safe, serene and beautiful exclusive house. At Weaver Rose EA, we focus on the objective not the subjective. Our Services go beyond just providing safe, serene and beautiful exclusive house.

If you are looking to cover your property with Buildings or Contents Insurance, would like to discuss the various types of protection insurance in greater detail or have any other insurance related query, contact us today and we would be delighted to put you in contact with a specialist who will be ready to assist you.